Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the EG Store. While going through the website and our products, you are subject to follow defined terms and conditions as mentioned hereafter. It means by using the service through our website or browsing it, you agree to the terms and conditions along with the Privacy Policy on our website. However, it may get updated from time to time. You can visit our terms and conditions guidelines to keep a check on the changes made over time. It isn’t our liability in case the website is not working due to some other reasons apart from our company’s issue. We have a complete right to review the products and services and withdraw them anytime. It may happen that in between, we may not allow using some or full portion of the Website. You will find the images of the garments on site which are for illustration purposes only. The colors of the garments are accurate enough but, it is not a guarantee that actual color may match with the products, online. There are chances that your product may vary a bit.

We also take responsibility to ensure that every information about the garment is accurate whether it is in terms of description, size or price. With that, we also ensure that the details mentioned over the website are completely accurate, although, there are minor chances of certain errors. We will immediately inform you in case we
find any errors. The garment will be dispatched only after the pre-authorization check has been done. There may be changes in the prices or offers from time to time. However, this condition will not affect the order if, the product is already dispatched.

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